研修5日目、現地の天候は晴れ、朝の気温は12℃、乾燥からか喉が痛いと言っている生徒もいましたが、全員元気に登校しました。本日はLivingstone Christian Collegeの生徒との交流授業です。
ホストスクールの代表生徒に学校内の案内をしてもらった後、バディと対面しました。笑顔で迎えてくれるバディに、本校の生徒も積極的に対応することができました。今日一日バディと一緒に学校生活を送り、中にはLegal、Drama、Art、Tourismなど専門性の高い授業に参加した生徒もいます。ランチタイムには芝生でバディと食事をする姿も見られ、とても楽しく充実した様子でした。授業後に最終日に行うプレゼンテーションのリハーサルを行いました。15:45以降 ほぼ定時にホストファミリーのお迎えがあり、それぞれの家庭へと帰っていきました。

This morning I went fishing with my host family. I caught a big fish, which made me very surprised! At school all of our classmates met our buddies and had classes with them all day. My buddy was so friendly that I enjoyed all classes with her. What surprised me most was every student here speaks freely and seems to enjoy their classes. I also wanted to attend such school like this. Though I could hardly understand what they said, I felt glad because I’m sure this experience would encourage me to improve my English. Another thing which surprised me was that every student has his or her own PC in class, and most of them rarely use notebooks.
When I got home, I went fishing again. I could catch 3 big fishes and 1 small one. The biggest one was almost 60 cm long! We are going to cook them for our dinner tomorrow.
I am really having a good time in Australia.