9:00より2グループに分かれ、企業訪問(Oji Fibre Solutions)とBeenleigh Historical Village tourを行いました。企業訪問では、王子ホールディングスやYatala工場の説明を受けました。最後に海外で働くことについて、日本がスタンダードではないこと、何事にもチャレンジすること、失敗を恐れず経験を多く積むことを教えていただき、感銘を受けました。
17:00 ホストファミリーのお迎えがありました。明日はいよいよ、ホストスクールにて日本文化を伝える日です。お世話になった方々に感謝の気持ちを伝えられるように頑張ります。

Today we visited Oji Fibre Solutions, a leading company of paper. After seeing inside the packaging factory, we had a lecture by Mr. Watanabe, General Manager of Technical Improvement. He told us that it’s important for us to have various experiences. And there are various ways of thinking in the world. We should not think or judge anything, based on Japanese way of thinking. And he said to us, “Experience is a treasure. Go abroad and have a variety of experiences. To work with foreigners in a foreign country, what is the most important for you is to communicate in English. If you cannot use English, you cannot only talk with them but also read newspapers and understand TV news, which means you cannot get necessary information directly. After hearing his lecture, I would like to challenge something. I need to study English much harder. His lecture gave us a great impact. Only challenging will lead to success!
In the afternoon we visited Bond University, which has a large campus, wonderful facilities and even a big pond inside the campus. This is my first visit to a university in a foreign country. Six students guided us, talking about their college life and how they are learning at Bond Univ. They inspired me a lot. When I return to Japan, I will talk about studying abroad to my parents. I will make use of what I learned here in deciding my future plan.

Beenleigh Historical Village1

Beenleigh Historical Village2