本日はホストスクールでの最後の研修です。午前中、バディと一緒に交流授業を受け、ランチタイムの13:15よりスクールの生徒に向け、感謝の気持ちを込めてプレゼンテーションを行いました。4グループの発表内容は①MOMOTARO ②School Introduction ③Traditional Japanese Games ④Japanese eventsでした。14:30より行われたFarewell PartyではTraditional Japanese Gamesをスクールの生徒に体験してもらいました。その後修了証書を1人ずつ手渡しされました。短い間でしたが、よい思い出を作ることができました。


Today was our last day at Livingstone Christian College.  In the morning we participated in classes with our buddies.  I took a PE class, and played rugby, which was a little difficult for me, but I enjoyed it with the classmates, and I hope I will try to play rugby someday.

At lunch time we made our presentation and performances.  We did our best though there were some happenings as we had expected.  Students of the host school looked enjoying our presentations.  I’m sure we could almost succeed in our performance.

In the last period, we had a farewell assembly.  We spent only a few days there, but I believe all of us could enjoyed our lives at Livingstone.  I’m very happy to make a lot of friends.  I want to get contact with them after I return to Japan.

Tomorrow is the last day I can spend with my host family.  I hope I will have a great time with them.



School Introduction

Traditional Japanese Games