Today in the morning we had BBQ at the beach in Surfers Paradise.  There all my classmates of 2K and their host families gathered and enjoyed the BBQ party.  We were pleased to talk with other host families, so I’m sure this plan must be wonderful.  We had a great time, seeing the beautiful sea, and we must never forget this wonderful experience!

In the afternoon I went shopping with my host.  I’m glad to buy a lot of souvenirs I will give to my family and friends in Japan.  But I feel very sad when I think this is the end of my stay with my host family.  It is so nice to have a lot of memories with them.  I cannot be too grateful for my host family, and at the same time I thank our teachers and our parents for giving us wonderful experiences like this.  I’m sure I will miss my host family and the days with them in Australia!!  I don’t want to go home.  I want to stay longer in Australia.